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pokemon fanfic by PMandKhfc


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November 10, 2012
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I'll never understand him, not one bit. Our heads just work too differently, and yet, here we are, in the same position.

N and I both served under Ghetsis, but N was told he was Ghetsis's son while I don't really have a position, I'm simply there. N had the amazing power to understand what Pokemon where thinking and feeling, whereas there was nothing really special about me. N believed in every word Ghetsis fed him, telling him lies about how Pokemon should be 'liberated' from their PokeBalls. I wasn't as naive as N, and I had my own ideas while I pretended to listen.

But there some things we had in common, we were both found by Ghetsis as children. But N grew up looking at Ghetsis like a father while I did not. And we both had one letter names, his name's N and mine's E.

"E, stop daydreaming. Father has requested we train our Pokemon."

I snapped out of my thoughts and saw N standing right in front of me, only a few inches away. I squirmed from our close proximity, but N didn't seem bothered.

"Come on." He said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me to my feet.

This is what it was like all the time in Team Plasma. All N and I really did was train and train some more. It felt like the rest of Team Plasma had more to hide than it came on. As we continued to walk, countless grunts addressed us as "Lord N and Lady E". But N paid them no mind as he continued to pull me throughout the Plasma hideout.

Hours went by as we trained, and loud shouts from grunts caught out attention.

"Catch the intruders!"

N and I decided it'd be best to find out what all the fuss was about. The 'intruder' were just a bunch of people, probably around my own age. But one boy caught my attention, he was wearing a hat and had a blue jacket on.

"Pokemon and humans should live together in harmony, this liberation is just a bunch of nonsense!" One boy with glasses said.

I understood, they didn't like what Team Plasma was doing, convincing people to release their Pokemon because they preached about the evils of PokeBalls. I could tell N was furious, but he kept a composed figure, and I just nodded slightly. But the boy in the hat saw my motion.

"You agree with us?" He asked, extending his hand forward, "Do you want to help us then?"

I stared at his hand in disbelief. Here I was, standing next to N in the Team Plasma hideout, and he wants my help simply because I nodded at his friend's point. Before I could answer, N blocked me with his arm.

"E won't go anywhere with you!"

Everyone looked shocked from N's sudden outburst, he was usually very good at concealing his emotions.

"N..." I said quietly, rubbing his arm which was in front if me, hoping it would calm him down.

A huge battle commenced, and even though the intruders won, they still left on their own free will. But not before telling us their names.

"I'm Touya, by the way." He said smiling, "And that's Bianca and Cheren."

"Touya, Bianca, and Cheren..." I mumbled as they left.

I felt a hand atop of my head of dark black hair, and turned around to be met by sad grey eyes.

"You didn't really want to go with them, did you? Because I don't want you to, I want you to stay here, with me." N said.

He looked like a child whose favorite toy was taken away. The insecurities he always tried so hard to hide leaked through.

I rushed forward, capturing N in a tight hug. Hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"It's okay, I'll stay by your side, I promise."

N smiled, and I kept that promise, throughout everything.

When the time came that N found the truth about Ghetsis, I stood there, by his side, as I had promised. And for 2 years, N and I stayed in hiding with the legendary dragon Pokemon, just waiting for another special trainer to come and claim it.

But as we sat here on a hill, just looking into the sunset, everything else seemed to not matter.  
So yay~ Two Pokemon one shots in one day :D Do you know how long I had to look to find an awesome picture of N without Touko, or Touya, or anyone?! LOL but it's k XD

I don't own the image. so credit:…
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Oops, sorry. This is kinda one of my older ( lol not really, I'm just making excuses) works, so I forgot the include the image source. 

MasterAki Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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